Monday, December 2, 2013

MIN-NOVATION project partners final meeting in Krakow, Poland, 04...07.12.2013

MIN-NOVATION project Baltic Network Meeting in Poland is in Krakow, AGH University. Tallinn University of Technology is represented by TUT Department of Mining Professor Ingo Valgma, Specialist Vivika Väizene and Teaching assistant Veiko Karu.

MIN-NOVATION is aEuropean Union Baltic Sea project “Mining and Mineral Processing innovation Network for Samm- and Medium-sized Enterprises in Waste Technologies”. Project partners are from Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

MIN-NOVATION aims to create a trans-national network with regional networks as building blocks of effective multi-lateral cooperation. The activities carried out on the regional and transnational level will secure better access to knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies and good practice to SMEs (small and medium enterprices) active in the mineral waste management & prevention sector. The project will address all the waste management challenges and opportunities which face the Baltic Sea Region mining industry, which should be understood as extending to all forms of extraction of natural non-renewable resources. 

MIN-NOVATION Baltic network (MBN) has set up with the essential role of facilitating diffusion of knowledge and good practices between regions. This will involve providing transnational feedback to regional issues, and elevating cross-regional issues to status of transnational priority areas.

MIN-NOVATION project is part R&D activity in Department of Mining and is related to the study of “Sustainable and environmentally acceptable Oil shale mining”, AR12007; „Backfilling and waste management in Estonian oil shale industry“, GRANT8123 - mi.ttu.ee/ETF8123; Doctoral School of Energy and Geotechnology work group "Sustainable mining" - egdk.ttu.ee

Additional information
Veiko Karu, Department of Mining

MIN-NOVATION Mining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network

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